Inspiration Unlimited.

Seems like this Christmas is closer than the last, yet I am getting last years Christmas present this weekend! First my mom is flying in from Canada for a visit. {a present in it’s own.} Second we are going together to the scrapbooking event Inspiration Unlimited. We were supposed to do a Teresa Collins workshop in Calgary in August but it was cancelled. And by chance there was 2 open tickets to IU in Vegas. I have been on the waiting list for IU for 2 years in a row, it’s a very coveted list, so I am thrilled to actually be attending this year!

{Sneak peek’s as some of the classes we are taking}

My mom flies in tonight and we will be going straight from the airport to the Green Valley Ranch, where it is hosted every year. I am part of the fb group for it as well and it’s been an awesome week of positive posts about the¬†excitement¬†surrounding this event. Which is great because I feel like more and more groups like that get negative posts as well and it’s nice to see such a big group of women be nice to each other for a change! We are 2 of a group of 4, myself, my mom and a teacher and owner of my favorite Calgary Scrapbooking store, The Scrapyard. {Located on Canyon Meadows Drive.}

{Pictures from our last big trip to Nashville to attend CKU }

This is not the first, or even second or third scrapbooking trip we’ve taken together. In fact we used to go on weekend retreats all the time back in the day. Our first trip was when I was in grade 9! We would go just for the weekend to Pincher Creek and scrapbook our brains out for 3 days. But by far the biggest and farthest we’ve travelled for scrapbooking is Nashville, TN, for Creating Keepsakes University. {side note: 2009, the year we went, was it’s last year being held.} An awesome 4 day retreat where we completed an entire album and other side projects by various teachers. It was the first time I met and did one of Teresa Collins classes. She was instantly a favorite! Which is why I am so excited about this weekend.

{Clearly I haven’t been scrapbooking lately as all my projects are minimum a year old! }

So don’t expect much action here this weekend but I promise lots of fun stuff to be shared from it next week! Each day starts at 8 am and since hotels were so expensive {Barrett Jackson is in town this weekend,} we are driving home in between. Thus A LOT of driving! And Brandon being the awesome dad that he is, is going to be solo with Sawyer for 2 solid days! So huge thank you to him for that. Super excited! See you all soon!

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