Smash Cake.

This is a new craze in the little’s world. I’ve seen it a lot in the last couple years. So I couldn’t pass it up when Sawyer is about to turn ONE! So I found a old wooden highchair and refinished it. And then I made a little cake special for him. Very simple but I filled it with all kinds of colors on the inside. Though red seemed to take over on that one. As promised here is the amazing pictures that came out of such a simple project.

And By far my favorite from the whole night. A complete fluke of a shot, as I was just cropping myself of all of them and just using sawyer walking. But sometimes you find a gem in those unexpected places. Hope you enjoyed this very heavy picture post!

If you are in Las Vegas I am offering this as a package deal. I provide the Chair, balloons, cake, and a one hour photo shoot. You will receive all the pictures on a disk for you to print at your own convenience. Cost of this package is $150.00 It’s great for invitations, blown up nursery prints, or just some great memories. I already booked a second one for this coming Monday, so I will be sure to share a second look at this “smash cake” session!

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4 thoughts on “Smash Cake.”

  1. LOVE!! So adorable! He is just the most precious!

    I wish I could have gotten some good ones of my lil guy with his smash cake.(he had two) One for just pics and one on his party day.. But I didnt end up with any good pics. He wasnt intersted in the cake at all. lol.

    1. Marah, it’s actually more common for kids not to touch their cakes. I have the hardest time’s with kids parties getting good pictures of it. But this kid must know frosting and cake are going to be a big part of his life! It did take him about 10 minutes to get into it!

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