This is my grown up Christmas List.

That has already been fulfilled. I know Christmas is still 23 days away. Trust me I am counting down the minutes! But seeing as I decorated my Christmas tree a month early than Christmas presents should be opened 30 days later? Well thats what were going to argue for my hubby’s sake. Who was too excited about the sweet present he got me. Since he also wanted to play with it. He got me a new camera! A Canon Rebel T2i and Im loving it. Although its all backwards from my Nikon. Ahh haha I had finally learned to use my old camera and now Im jumping both feet in with a new one. But I am so excited about it that I am actually reading the manual. Granted it literally put me to sleep but I am trying!

On another happy note our family is moving from three to four! O I know some of you may have just read that getting teary eye’d. Nope we are not preggers. Dont worry I wouldnt share that through the blog (who am I kidding I probably will) But this is a new little puppy joining us. My sister is giving her puppy up for a better opportunity that I’m wishing her luck with. And her puppy is coming to live with us! Should have just taken her back when I had the chance now I have to wait three weeks. But I cant wait for WallE to meet his new girlfriend!

Look forward to some crafty crafts coming up and Im doing a beautiful baby shower on Saturday. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!

Who said you cant go home…

Well this might have been the case if my flight had been any more delayed coming into Calgary last Wednesday. This white stuff sure causes quite the shut down on this city.

There has been lots of visiting friends and family. And of course I had to make some festive cupcakes! For my mom’s friends birthday I surprised her with Death by Chocolate cupcakes and Eggnog cupcakes. They were a hit. I like neither Chocolate or Eggnog but somehow when you add icing everything tastes amazing!

And I also got to meet a new member of the family. My sisters new puppy Karma. She is so cute! I am threatening to steal her on my way back.

Also Ive been working on my December Daily (Ali Edwards Christmas album idea) Why not when Im allowed to be in my mom massive scrapbooking stash and amazing work room. So basically I came with the album and Ive used all her stuff to complete it. Which is so nice of her to let me do.  So here’s what I have so far.

And lastly I got to spend a day with my two nephews who live here. They are only a month apart and about 4&5 months old. Babies are so precious in these early days. We took them to see Santa. And then we brought them home and I gave out my Christmas presents to them. Early because I wanted them to get a lot of use of these way too cute Christmas pj’s! In fact I bought all 4 of my nephews matching ones, but until Christmas day I wont see them all together. So here’s a preview of how cute these babies look!

And other than all that fun stuff all Ive been enjoying is sitting inside by a fire reading. It may be cold but this snow covered country side is just beautiful in the winter. I do miss it so. But I’ll be back in about 3 weeks! Already counting down to coming back and I haven’t even left yet!

Christmas Crafting

Well now that the tree is officially up. (I just now realized its been up for over a week without any pictures! How could that have happened!) I am starting to plan out some present Idea’s. My sister in law has already requested a handmade gift. I cannot wait! Plus I have been reading and stalking Martha online and all her fabulous gift idea’s. There are a million idea’s out there. I love the internet for what its done for the craft community. Here are some of my favorite little crafty idea’s I’ve found recently that Im dying to try!

Some adorable place cards, unfortunately I live in the middle of the desert so finding some left over evergreen stumps is going to be a little harder for me. Not to say thats going to stop me either.

These little  card stock tree’s are simple to make and look beautiful in any colors you may choose to decorate your house in.

This easy trivet would add a little Christmas cheer to any tea time. Its one of the easiest things to make and people are over joyed to hear you made something special for them with your own hands!

And of course I think I need to make these lump of coal boxes for my loving sister. How fun and easy are they!

O and ps we still have guests in the house. Can I tell you all how much I enjoy the sounds of a baby inside these walls! My camera is constantly going off. I’m going to be in trouble when I have one of my own!

Kinect Fun

Cant post too big tonight. We just got an early family Christmas present! The X Box Kinect. Its only been out of the box 10 min and we are already having fun! Pictures and stories to follow this week!

Yay for active games! Yay for Christmas presents. Yay for Christmas season period!

Ps the the tree is up!

Out With The Old & In With The New

Its sad to see these favorite items packed away for another year. Poor Gus our family favorite ghost. But it helps to see some new items make there way into the house and out of the closet!

I think most women can relate to buying a couple impulsive items and feeling great for the following days. And who can avoid piling in the cute Christmas stuff now that its enveloping every store! I picked up a couple little decorations and am starting to put them out! EEK I love this season. I will be decorating in full on Saturday. Yes I know thanksgiving is in between for most people but Im still a Canadian no matter where I live and the real one was back in October so Im moving on to the next and best holiday of the year!

I’m literally itching to keep decorating tonight. A few things aren’t gonna hurt anyone right? Does any one else decorate this early?

Scrappers Give Thanks

I saw this on Ali Edwards blog the other day and thought it was a touching idea. Being the month of Giving Thanks I thought I’d try to pass it on to as many people as I could. After all what cause could be better than bringing smiles to little faces that are dealing with some hard issues in the hospital. Make it by hand or throw together a quick digital one. A couple min of your time could lead to lots of laughter down the road.

So lets all put our craft tables together! Would also love to see any of those you guys make!

Good luck and Give Thanks!

A Candy Kind of Night

With no kids we steal our nephews to make our way into the land of trick or treating. And since this little munchkin is too little we even get to keep the candy. Win Win! Except for the scale the next week!

Brandon even got in the spirit with a “Tshit Time” Jersey shore theme. We all enjoyed his many, and frequently used quotes from the show.

A couple more picture from the night. My two too cute nephews all dressed up! Some festive cupcakes, because after collecting candy who wouldn’t want more sugar in their system! Me and my two cute pups. Walle got so many compliments in his cute puffer fish costume. Well worth the same day Target buy! And finally our standard family Halloween shot!

Happy Halloween Guys! And now its officially my favorite season. Bring on the Christmas shopping!

Happy Halloween!

We have already begun the fun today! Making Costumes and buying WallE’s. Although Im sure the only reason he’s wearing it is so he can keep his eye on it and kill it later!

Baking is also in full swing. We’ve got some halloween cupcakes ready to decorate. Lots of pictures to share tomorrow.

Cant wait for trick or treating tonight with all the little ones!