Book Week. {2012 Edition}

I am declaring this book week on lissables. I have been meaning to do this for awhile. I have a huge love of reading. And somehow with a 9 month old its gone into overdrive in the last couple months. I said I would never read on a kindle. I was a die hard, the bigger the hard cover monster book, the better. However, {and that’s a big however.} I am hooked. 100% I don’t leave the house without this dang thing now! {special thanks to my wonderful husband who gave it to me!}

That being said, lets start at the beginning when I toted around 1-2 of those monster books everywhere I went. There has been so many books over the years, so I am going to pull some out to talk about. Some that are embarrassing! Ones that I still think about daily, and others that are just fun, yes I read twilight and fell for it hard too. Books, not the movies! Just had to clear that up.

Lets start with the summer we spent 6 weeks travelling in the back of a truck pulling a trailer across Canada and the USA. Let’s add that I was a teenage girl. I hated my family. Normal and regrettable. I have already apologized to both of my parents for that time in my life, it certainly didn’t end there. Teenage girls. So instead of enjoying the awesome trip my parents gave us, I spent most of my time with my head in my books.

{FYI these are the only pictures I can pull up last minute, from this time in my life. I did say there would be embarrassing parts to this book tell all!}

V.C. Andrews. It’s a right of passage isn’t it? At least that’s how I feel. My mom said she read them at the same age, I think my sister took a little interest in them. Certainly not like me though. The only parts of the trip I got involved in was buying more at the vintage, antique, second hand book stores. My copies were all well loved with yellow aged pages. I think that’s what made them even better. I started with the “Flowers in the Attic” The Dollanganger series. Quickly followed by the rest of the series, ‘Petals on the wind’, ‘If there be thorns’,  ‘Seeds of yesterday’, and ‘Garden of shadows.’ As I’m writing this and pulling all the images. I am getting a craving to re-read a couple of these. I love re-reading favorites. It would be fun to read these again 10 years later. {Whoa that’s a lot of years for this short life to be in the past already, aka am I getting old?!!}

I can’t even tell you how many other V.C. Andrews I read. As I was just scanning through them on amazon it looks like I read them ALL. {There is a reason I’ve never had a tan over summer break.} I lived for them for the next couple years. It really blossomed my love for reading. Get it, flower theme+blossomed reading. Clearly I am writing this post too late at night, and need to crawl into bed asap.

I hope you stay tuned for the coming 2012 Book Week! I’ll finish right in time for you to start Shark Week! Or in my house Birthday week! 🙂

Happy Reading Everyone!

Be Back Soon.

You may have noticed I have not been around lately. My little white mac is in being repaired right now and I am so not tech savvy. It took me a couple days to figure out how to log into my own website. I am sad. So please forgive me that I am behind as per usual on my blogging. I’ve also been dealing with feeling very inadequate for topics to blog. After 5 months of SAWYER SAWYER SAWYER, CRANIOSYNOSTISIS, SURGERY, RECOVERY!

I feel like my life is so boring again! Which is great, it just doesn’t give me much to talk about. My lovely sister has offered to have her baby in my car on a 2 hour road trip between cities so I get to deliver the baby in the backseat. Just for a blog story of course. Isn’t that so sweet of her! I told her she might rethink that “no pain killer” thing in the actual moment.

So be patient. I will be back on my toes asap. My computer should be back in the coming days. Yay. I don’t know what to do without all my millions (yes that’s probably accurate,) of pictures. But I did manage to get a new shutterfly book made, all about Sawyers story from diagnoses to recovery. It will be an amazing memento. As well as some thank you cards, for our friends and family that went out of their way to show their love for Sawyer. So I will be sharing those. I’ll be talking about some books and my re-found love of reading, plus some hair style stuff! I may have been able to teach myself to french braid my own hair last night! Again this is the exciting stuff in my life now 😉 And of course with my birthday coming up, all those shenanigan’s and as always lots and lots of lissables creation cakes!

Thanks for sticking around for the boring side of lissables 2012!

Did it even happen?

Lately Sawyer has been showing his true self again. The biggest smiles I’ve ever seen. Sometimes I think he is going to burst with happiness! They completely light up my world. I can’t even capture their full power on camera. Its been amazing to see. Sometimes so amazing that I have to stop and think, we were in the PICU only 4 weeks ago.

I am so grateful for his recovery and prognosis. We are done with craniosynostosis. {hopefully} For 4 months it consumed my life, and now I find it hard to believe it even happened. Even his scar is barely noticeable!

He’s not fully back to his Sawyer self. His sleeping pattern is way off, and he is irritated very easily. But those megawatt smiles are all I needed and more. Life is as normal as it can be with a 9 month old! Wishing your life is as smile filled as ours this weekend!

Revised Strawberry Trifle

I think I linked to my original recipe for my Strawberry Trifle about a dozen times this last week. Well I updated my version yesterday. And since there is no left overs, it must be good!

Its the best dessert you’ll ever eat. {In my humble opinion} But it’s also the best because its so easy to make. 5 ingredients. Easy enough to remember when you are out at the store. Easy enough to throw together last minute. Easy easy easy.

1 family size Sara Lee pound cake {cubed.}

1 large vanilla pudding {prepared as directed.}

1 large Cool Whip lite

White chocolate, shaved

lots of fruit, yesterday I used strawberries and blueberries for red, white and blue! {about 4 pounds of it total.}

Combine the prepared pudding and cool whip until smooth. Layer pound cake, pudding mixture, fruit, and then sprinkle white chocolate on top. Repeat. I am able to get two layers of each in my massive trifle dish. {NOTE: Before I was doing: pound cake, fruit, pudding mix, white chocolate. Leaving the top layer as all pudding mixture. I think the revised way leaves a much nicer finish for the top of the dessert!}

You want to make it a couple hours before, so it has time to set. And keep it refrigerated for best results. It usually is only good for 2 days, {otherwise it gets too mushy} but it also doesn’t usually last that long with people around! Its very rich, but light at the same time. Enjoy it, experiment with other fruit combo’s. Normally I only use strawberries but the added blueberries were a nice touch. My mom’s standard is raspberries, and I’m sure you could do blackberries and other delicious fruit too!

Make sure you bookmark or pin this because it’s going to be your go to summer BBQ dessert! And if you do, make sure you write me a comment telling me you’ve been here or tried it! Enjoy!

Happy Fourth of July!

To all my American readers, family, and friends. Happy 4th of July!

This is one of my favorite parts of living in the States. {They do make holiday’s that little bit more magical, Thanksgiving is a close second. But really anything that revolves around getting together with the people you love, and eating good food, has to be good!} I have never experienced anything like it. They sell fireworks in every parking lots for the 2 weeks leading up to it. {which is why some of you might have seen my complaining about it last night on facebook!} So when that sun sets. The whole city goes off. We have a spot up on the highway where we just park the car and can see the entire skyline. I wish pictures could do it justice. It leaves you in awe.

So celebrate with friends and family like us. We’ll be doing a backyard BBQ as tradition calls. And always one for traditions, I’ll be bringing dessert! So check back tomorrow because I modified just slightly a favorite of mine. Its a Strawberry/poundcake trifle. I asked for it every summer for my birthday. Its amazing and its simple. And with a few tweaks, it was perfect for celebrating the Red, White, and Blue!

PS these were cupcakes we made for a work BBQ yesterday. I thought I would layer blue, white, and red batter. I measured them all out equally, which took its fair share of time. Only to pull them out of the oven and discover I was left with 2 thin lines of blue and white, and a whole half of red. Hey I experiment so you don’t have to! Apparently you want to cover your top layer with much less batter! No one complained though! I even slipped 3 Canadian flag liners into the mix 😉 For Brandon, myself and Sawyer!

Happy 4th of July!

Be safe!

Happy Canada Day!

I may live in another country but that is no reason to not celebrate a happy holiday. When we were little we spent every Canada day in Sylvan Lake with my grandparents. We would walk down to the lake and watch the boat parade with fireworks above it. And it was always so cold no one went in the water. Except two little girls who couldn’t resist just a little bit. I love traditions like that. Its why I embrace fourth of July just the same. This Canada day I am about 2000 km { 😉 } away from all the celebrating. So we are having our own little party, with our other Canadian friends. My Sister-in-law and her family are coming by tonight for BBQ and a movie night!

{Wedding cake & cupcakes from a wedding I did in 2010, Canada Day colors!}

When I was little I also dreamed of living in the states. We did all our summer vacations here and I thought it was amazing. Better weather, new things in the grocery store, cool new restaurants, TARGET! And while Target still fascinates us daily, the rest fell short pretty fast. Living abroad makes you realize what a perfect place home is. You might call me crazy to miss the snow and rain, but those make for a beautiful country. I am in awe every year by how green it is once we leave this desert. We may have sun but we have too much of it. And I am a girl who would give anything to read a book cozied up under layers of blankets while it blizzards outside. You don’t do much in the winter there because of the weather. We are the same but opposite, its too hot here in the summer to do much outside. We now make requests for Kraft Peanut butter, Maynard gummie bears, Old Dutch chips, and the latest, Mr. Christies arrow root cookies! I miss the Canadian only restaurants now too. The heart wants what it cannot have. It why we look forward to going home every summer so much. O and one other little thing that’s missing too.

{Both family pictures are in major need of updating but they are the closest I have of everyone!}

Family. How we miss each and every one of you daily. Almost all of our family lives back in Calgary.  One day I would love to too. For all those reason’s and more {healthcare!!! haha} I miss my home, my Canada. But for now we’ll embrace these blazing temperatures. And lower cost to living, {see it’s not all bad I guess 😉 } But my heart will always be in Canada. {unless we move to Texas, my heart could live in Texas too.}

Happy Canada Day!